The Best of Florida’s Security Training

The Best of Florida’s Security Training

If you are looking for the highest quality security training option, or to find the best trained security professionals in the state of Florida, there are far too many security schools to consider from the furthest tip of the gulf coast to the shores of Miami. At the end of the day, be you a student or security company looking to recruit, the top three security training schools stand so far beyond the competition that even the state’s top security companies recruit out of the classrooms. The three security companies work to train students in conjunction with each other, so that they can work together to improve their nearly perfect security training further, and pave the way for a better industry.

In no particular order, the best you can find in Florida will always be from S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute, Invictus Security & Firearms Training, and The Security Training Group. Each of these powerhouse security training academies work in different areas, so let’s discuss them by region.


S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute – Tampa’s Best Friend and Orlando’s Closest Ally

-Based in Largo, S2 has been servicing Florida’s security training needs for almost two decades. S2 is a prime provider of security training to the areas north of Lake Okeechobee, from basic state licensing to more advanced firearms training and international security seminars. S2 has given security training options to all corners of the globe, and that quality training is a blessing to have accessible in downtown Tampa.

Invictus Security & Firearms Training – South Florida’s Security Titan

-Since the two Marines sat down and came up with the business, Invictus has been a paragon of advancing the quality of security training. With their CEO serving on Florida’s board that regulates security training, Invictus continues to push for more training, more preparation, and more from the industry. They speak with their actions, and any Invictus graduate is proud to tell you about the training they received.

The Security Training Group – The Best of Both Worlds

-Last year, Invictus and S2 decided to advance the security training industry as a team – they combined curriculum and training techniques to create the Security Training Group. STG schools are opening in cities that haven’t had access to either company’s brilliant training courses. Students in Melbourne, Pembroke Pines, and Orlando are all now enjoying the security and firearms training that has raised Florida’s standard these past twenty years.


When you enroll at any of these options, be it Invictus’ flagship Boynton Beach location or S2’s Headquarters in Largo, you are assured to not only receive the absolute best security instruction or firearms training, but the become a highly skilled security professional. Expect only the best from the best options, and for the past decade, the best has been S2, Invictus, and the Security Training Group.