The Riddle of Online Security Training

Online Security Training – Can It Work?

As a people, we’ve come to a new era of digital connections and breakthroughs. In the past two decades, we’ve all come onto the Internet with fresh faces and ideas of how this connective power will better our lives. While it impacts us personally, this interconnectivity also changes the face of countless industries, even (surprisingly) that of security training. When it comes to security training, a field rightfully heavily regulated and examined by the public eye, the online component is hesitantly being probed by trailblazers. But the question really ends up just being… how can online security training really work?

Well, it’s a simple question with a complicated answer. There are already some truly phenomenal leaders offering certain types of training online, mostly through seminars and instructional security informational sessions. S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute and Critical Intervention Services come to mind. These companies are international, using the Internet to start discussions in English and Arabic, and advance the security capabilities of communities all over the world.

But that doesn’t mean they offer security license training, the training in highest demand in the state of Florida. Certainly, we at Invictus offer a curriculum nobody could help to match. Each of our instructors are veterans of the military and the security industry both, allowing us to lead the industry with engaging and individualized instruction that comes from experience. How can somebody learn the advanced and detailed ins and outs of security without somebody who’s lived on the front line?

Mixing these approaches is what will lead to reliable online security training. That multi-disciplined and multi-cultural capability that are the cornerstone of S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute and the Critical Intervention Services, along with the outrageously successful connective training that we give at our security schools, will be the start of the security industry’s digital revolution.

You may be aware that we have already connected as a team – S2 and Invictus Security & Firearms Training joined to form The Security Training Group over a year ago, opening security training academies across Florida. This partnership is thriving, and we hope to learn more and more from S2 – their advanced firearms training and informational seminars are phenomenal.

That being said, we don’t envision firearms training being the first online security training. Realistically, at this point, there’s no way technology can replace the firearms training that puts you on our range, dry-firing and getting mechanical understanding of a firearm. There is nothing that can fill in for hands-on firearms training, which is what we have been saying for years.

But we hope that security training is able to catch up to this Internet Age soon. We are always excited to see innovation, exploration, and advances in our industry, because it always stands for safer communities. Invictus Security & Firearms Training stands for nothing but the best, and as time passes, it becomes clearer and clearer that ‘the best’ may well become online security training.