Unarmed Security Guard Training

Unarmed Security Guard Training

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Security Guard Training

Unarmed Security Guard TrainingTo work security in Florida you must complete the security guard training to be eligible to obtain the security officer license. The state of Florida requires security guard training to be completed in a 40-hour program that prepares students with the basic principles of security and safety. Invictus offers security guard training classes weekly and we are the best-rated security training center in Florida. If you are interested in learning more about our training for security guard training programs, please fill out the form below to receive discounts for training for security guard classes.

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Security Certification Programs

Our school security certification programs provide the unarmed security training weekly at our locations throughout Florida. We offer the unarmed guard training Monday to Thursday in 10-hour days and also offer weekend training for security guards (Please check schedule for locations).  Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Melbourne, MiamiBecome a security guard today (866) 640-8971.

Security Guard Training Course

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 6.03.36 PMThe Invictus security guard training is 40 hours of security classes covering the State of Florida required curriculum. The unarmed security certification is thought at our security school through lecture, practical exercises and testing students through scenario based training. Our security guard training programs prepare you to become a security professional. Security companies are seeking to hire you as an unarmed security officer today.

 Security Officer Training

The unarmed security license course covers the following modules: Florida Statutes, Legal Issues and Liability, Ethics and Professional Conduct, Public Relations, Crime & Accident Prevention Techniques, Observation Techniques and Report Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Patrol Techniques, Access Control, Traffic Direction, Professional Communications, Fire Detection, Suppression and Life Safety, First Aid, CPR & AED, Interpersonal Communications, Crime and Accident Scene Protection, Terrorism Awareness, Special Problems for Security, Fundamentals of Personal Security, Emergency Procedures, Crowd Control Courtroom Procedures. Learn more about the 40 hour training security guard program by calling us at (866) 640-8971.

Security Jobs

Invictus unarmed security officer course provides job assistance to all our students seeking a career in security. We work with companies that are hiring for both unarmed security and armed security positions. These companies recruit directly from our classroom each week seeking professionals from our unarmed and armed security training classes.

Unarmed Security Officer Jobs

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