The Division will no longer accept the HR 218 to Renew Class G License

The Division will no longer accept the HR 218 to Renew Class G License

The Division of Licensing is no longer accepting the Law Enforcement HR 218 training and qualification in lieu of the 4 hours of annual firearms training that every Class G License must complete in order to maintain their Statewide Firearms license.


Renew Class G LicenseSecurity officers and or private investigators must submit proof of proficiency that they received during each year of the license period a minimum of 4 hours of firearms recertification training taught by a Class “K” firearms instructor.

Class G License holder will be required to achieve a passing score of 168 out of a possible 240 score. If they qualify on the first attempt shooting 48 rounds for a passing score of 168 or better then they have passed the State qualification and will not be required to shoot another relay. If the license holder fails to achieve a passing score after three attempts, he or she will be instructed to seek additional remedial training and schedule another requalification attempt at a later date with the K instructor. If the Class G Licensee fails to complete the required 4 hours of annual training during the first year of the 2-year term of the license, the license is automatically suspended.  The Class G License holder will have to complete the entire 28 hour Statewide Firearms Course again to remove the suspension of the Statewide Firearms license.

The Division may waive the Class G License firearms training requirement if:

  • The licensee provides proof that they are currently certified as a law enforcement officer or correctional officer under the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and has completed law enforcement firearms requalification training annually during the previous 2 years of the licensure period.
  • The licensee provides proof that he or she is currently certified as a federal law enforcement officer and has received law enforcement firearms training administered by a federal law enforcement agency annually during the previous 2 years of the licensure period.

Class G License firearms training certificate of proficiency

Class G License TrainingClass G License holders must submit a valid firearm certificate of proficiency  under F.S. 493.6105  providing proof they completed the Class G Security License requalification training during the 2 years of their licensure period.

Example: A Class G license holder who is issued their armed license on March 1, 2016, which expires June 1, 2018, must receive 4 hours of Class G firearms recertification training between June 1, 2016, and June 1, 2017, and 4 hours between June 1, 2017, and June 1, 2018. Proof of completion of Statewide Firearms recertification training must be submitted to the department upon completion of the training.