The Florida Division of Licensing Considers Consolidating the Security License and Other Licenses Into One Identification

The Florida Division of Licensing Considers Consolidating the Security License and Other Licenses Into One Identification

The Division considers consolidating the security license and other licenses into one identification. During the last Private Investigation, Recovery, and Security Advisory Council (PIRSAC) meeting in December, the Council requested to the State of Florida Division of Licensing to consider consolidating the Security License, Investigation License, Recovery License, Mangers Licenses, Instructor licenses into one license identification card.

The Division Considers Consolidating Security License and Other Licenses

As of now the Division issues individual license cards per license. So if you are working as an armed security officer then you must have both the Security D License and Statewide Firearms G License identification cards on hand or possibly face a fine under F.S. 493.

Security License and Other Licenses Under One Identification

This would be similar to a driver’s license with different endorsements on the identification card. So if you are licensed under F.S. 493 you would get one identification card and it would have the licensee’s licenses on that card.

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What happens if you let a security license expire or a license is suspended?

Well now in the age of technology, a bar code can be added to the license that can be tracked through an app where local Law Enforcement and the agencies can check the licensees identification to see what is the current status of the license.

This can also help phase out many various renewal letters and the confusion of when does a license expire. The idea of renewing the State licenses on the licensee’s birthdate would help cut down on the confusion, especially for a G license and when the licensee must complete the recertification. This process can also cut down on the time a license is issued or suspended by allowing the regional offices to have control to change a license status if proof and documentation is satisfactory to correct the license status. As of now if a G licensee does not send in the proficiency sheet on time the State will suspend the license and it could takes 30-90 days to change this status. This means a licensee cannot work armed if their status is not changed once they provide the correct documentation.

This could be a good step for the State of Florida and licensees under F.S. 493 to advance to the new technology age and help advance our industry.


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