How You Can Start a Successful Security Career

How You Can Start a Successful Security Career

You can find many job opportunities by joining the private security industry and starting your security career. Not only as it gotten easy to find a position, but advancing quickly to higher levels of promotion is almost guaranteed because the need for security staff grows daily. Security companies want to employ hard workers who can provide sound protection, good customer relations, and a trustworthy representation of the company.

Security Career Opportunities

Security Career Military Veterans

It may seem like this could be a lengthy process, but it’s very simple. In fact, it isn’t even necessary to have a long history of experience in private security. In the course of just one day, a hard worker can impress their company and prove that they are a valuable asset. This is why moving up in the industry is an achievable goal: because if you demonstrate your dedication and put in effort, you will be rewarded. You could soon find yourself granted a variety of upper level positions: supervising, management, recruitment, and operations director are just a few of the possibilities.   These security career opportunities are open to beginners and veterans as well.

Security Career Opportunities for Military Veterans

If you are a military veteran, you may think that going into a private sector will be difficult, but in reality you already possess a lot of the valuable skills you’ll need to excel. With the leadership, initiative, team cooperation, and ability to understand commands that you learned during your service, you will make a smooth transition as a Military Veteran into private security. Your start as a security officer is really just the beginning to what can be an incredibly successful security career where you can climb rapidly through the ranks by showing security companies your perseverance and solid work ethic.

Security Career Opportunities for Law Enforcment

If you are a former member of law enforcement, you clearly have a dependable background, which automatically opens many doors that give you a lot of options. You could work in armed security,  as a security instructor, a manager, a director of security, and more. It would be easy to start as a security guard and apply your experience as an officer to learn the business of private sectors and further your security career in a short amount of time.

How to advance your security career

Security Career Opportunities

Florida has an enormous and constantly rising demand for security jobs as companies seek out operation managers, human resource managers, supervisors, directors, and of course security guards. The prospects are endless and a rewarding career can be accomplished. However, it is crucial for you to get your foot in the door as soon as you can. Before you can start your journey and obtain a good position, you have to be licensed.  Only by getting your Florida security license can you begin establishing yourself in the industry. Once you have that, you can start as a security officer for maybe a year, although it may only take a few months, just so you can demonstrate to the company that you have what it takes to lead and help their businesses grow by protecting clients and making a good reputation for yourself.

security career for retired law enforcementThere is one big secret to growing in the security industry, and right here is where you can learn it and use it to your advantage. It’s not about the experience you can list in your application. The key lies in talking to people and carrying yourself in a way that others will be impressed and know they can depend on you. When you do this, your clients will trust you and your company will know that you deserve more rewards and opportunities. Having a sense of professionalism and a positive, determined attitude will earn you more money in this industry. The starting pay may not exceed your expectations, but once you gain a foothold by taking an entry level position and then advancing, you can prosper immensely by increasing your pay rate or getting a salary position in the company.

Training to start your security career

Invictus has an outstanding track record in getting our students jobs like this. Because we’re affiliated with many companies who come to us for recruitment, we have countless stories of success from students who are hired immediately after coming to us for security training. They go from learning in our security school to managing and directing security in private companies. A majority of them didn’t have any experience whatsoever. They just showed that they were loyal and willing to work hard and do their best. With our training to prepare you combined with your own dedicated mindset, you too could swiftly rise in status.