Haynes Security Services, Inc. is Hiring Armed Security Officers Miami

Seeking Armed Security Officers Miami

Seeking Armed Security Officers Miami Haynes Security Services, Inc. is Hiring Armed Security Officers Miami. Haynes Security Services, Inc. is a veteran owned business looking to employ our fellow brothers and sisters at arms; with a minimum of 3 years experience of armed security, military, or law enforcement.

Security Officer Must Provide:

  • Resume (Resume must show month and year.
  • It must also outline the officer’s 3 years of one of the following fields: 1.Security, 2.Military or 3.Law Enforcement Experience)
  • Officer Must Be 19 years of age or older
  • Must be able to communicate (Oral and Written) In English
  • US Residents-Birth Certificate or US Passport
  • Legal Resident- Permanent Resident Card or I-551 Form
  • Valid Florida D License
  • Valid Florida G License
  • Valid Florida Driver’s License
  • H.S. Diploma, College Degree, GED and or University
  • DD-214 with 3 years Net Active Experience and Honorable Discharge, Law Enforcement
    Certificates, Law Enforcement
  • Employment Verification ( TWO FORMS OF VERIFICATION REQUIRED)
    1. Officer must provide a letter from previous and or current employer that states dates
    of employment (Which must amount to 3 years). The letter must state what tasks
    were performed while armed officer was on post and what weapon was carried while
    officer was on post.
    2. Officer must provide HAYNES SECURITY SERVICES, INC. with current contact
    information for employer that will verify 3 years of armed service. The previous and
    or current employer must fill in the dates of employment and sign off that the dates
    are both accurate and true. (Please Note, Former Military must provide an
    HONORABLE DD-214 with Net Active 3 years or more as verification of experience.

Pre- Qualifiers for Contract:
• Officer must complete an employee packet
• 2 Background Checks
• Medical
1. Physical Exam
2. Psychological Exam
3. Drug Test

Armed Officers Miami Security Training:

  • 40 Hr. MDT Training with 1 Hr. Exam (M-TH 8:00am-4:00pm) and (F 8:00am-5:00pm)
  • AED, Track Safety, First Aid, CPR
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Baton & Handcuffing
  • Triple Holster Retention



Chakara Haynes